2014 June

I want to fill in more of the post history. I went to the Dearborn Historical Society, and found some good information there. I also found one curiosity. The date and names on the charter for our post were different than the one we have hanging in the club house. I asked around but did not really get a good solid answer. I wrote to the District Historian. You will find the results in the Post Histroy section.

Yours in Service

  Joe Nichols

2014 May

 Happy warm spring greetings.

 To the general populace, I feel an apology is in order for not keeping the web site up to date. This is fully my fault. I feel that by not having the site updated regularly, you may have missed out on some activities. I still am not getting any reports from anyone that holds a position or title in our post. This has one exception, our Sergeant at arms. Bar Wait Staff is a position.  Repots could come from people that don't hold a position. If we want more participation from the populace they need information. I will do much better at updates in the future. Due to scheduling I missed this month's meeting. I am looking forward to getting reports from everyone that was in attendance.

I am trying to fix the community news area. I want to give it a table of contence, then put in the things to do about town. This way you won't have to go to page 23 to get to the party info.

I added an officers report tab. This will make it easy to see what happened at the meetings. IF I GET ANY REPORTS. Next month I start nameing names and pointing fingers at who didn't send anything. I'm wondering if there is a possibly we need to call for fines. My my e-mail is it is on the front page of the community news section.

Any ideas for this web site is welcome. 

Remember, these are my thoughts, not thoughts of post 364, American Legion or any other member.

Yours in service,

  Joe Nichols


2013 December

 Seasons greetings!

Get to the clubhouse Saturday the twenty first for the adult Christmas party and Sunday for the kids' Christmas party.

At the meeting this month:
We are shopping for a new motorcycle to auction off at the next Hog Heaven.
We voted for the bartenders to have a thank you dinner on the Legion.
Garry Tanner our canadate for honary life member award. Congradulations.
John Bradford, hope your back heals quickly, our prayers go out to you.
There was more but thats all I remember. Have fun, be safe, don't drive drunk, have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Yours in service
 Joe Nichols



2013 August

2013 October

2013 November